Book Twt!

Hi! Whether you're new to book twt or a long-time veteran, we all know there are many different acronyms and terms people use on here that not everyone knows. This Carrd is here to help! This is a living document, and so it'll be updated (hopefully on a regular basis) to make sure everyone understands what others are talking about. There are lists of acronyms used for phrases, books, and terms people on stan twt use. I'd also like to mention that the lists aren't in any specific order, so if they seem a little confusing for some reason that may be why.

If you ever see that something is missing or incorrect in this Carrd, message me on Twitter and I'll fix or update it! My handle is @andrewminyxrd. I hope this helps!

General Terms

Normal Twitter Terms
oomf - "one of my followers"
moot - a mutual
tl - timeline
rt - retweet
qrt - quote retweet/retweet with comment
dni - do not interact
lrt - last retweet (reference it for context to the tweet)
nsfw - not safe for work (explicit)
sfw - safe for work
nsfr - not safe fr ramadan (explicit, food related, etc.)
to ratio - when a tweet has more comments and qrts than it does likes (if you're being ratioed, you're probably about to get cancelled)
tw - trigger warning
cw - content warning
sb - softblock (block and unblock someone so they won't be following you anymore)
pfp - profile picture
unf - unfollow
byf - before you follow
wlw - woman loving women
mlm- man loving men
nblw - non binary loving women
nblm - non binary loving men

Stan/Book Twitter Terms
booktwt - book twitter
booktok - book tik tok
booktube - book youtube
tbr - to be read
cr - currently reading/current read
crr - currently rereading
rr - reread
dnf - did not finish
rtc - review to come
wip - work in progress
rec - recommendation
otp - one true pairing
ya - young adult
na - new adult
mc - main character
li - love interest
blurb - the synopsis on the back of a book
reading slump - a time where you may find it difficult to read or pick up a book
tbd - the book depository (often seen in international giveaways, as it's a popular international bookstore)
fanfiction/fic/fanfic - non-canon stories written by fans
ao3 - archive of our own, a popular fanfic site
slash fic - fanfiction with a same sex ship
smut/lemon - explicit content, usually sexual
canon - facts or information that are explicitly in the text of a book or confirmed by the author
hc - headcanon/interpretations of characters made by fans, aka fanon
fanon - fan canon
au - alternate universe
smau- social media au
goodreads - website/app to rate books and track your reading progess
zine - a fanmade magazine collection of artwork, fanfiction, and/or more. not official.
storygraph - like goodreads, but it's still in beta and does not have an app (many people prefer its layout)
kin - a character you relate to or feel that embodies you
rp - roleplay
oc - original character
ooc - out of character
op - original poster (could also be the operator of an rp account)

Trigger Warnings & Tone Tagging

How to Properly Add TWs
when putting trigger warnings on a tweet, it is important to make sure you do so properly to make sure no one accidentally gets triggered! not using them properly can be extremely harmful.

1. do NOT use fancy fonts. they will not be read as the word you are trying to write, and therefore it will not be censored.
2. spacing is vital! make sure every word (not letter!) is spaced out so that twitter picks up the word. this way if someone has it muted, they will not see the tweet.

how NOT to tag a tw:
tw// trigger
tw //trigger
tw// t r i g g e r

if you don't put a space between words and slashes, twitter will read it as one word and it won't be properly censored. if you put spacing between letters, it will be read as individual letters and not the whole word.

how to PROPERLY tag a tw:
tw // trigger
tw // trigger trigger#2
tw // trigger , trigger#2

the space is vital, and if there are multiple triggers, the space remains vital! even with a comma. this also applies to content warnings! (cw)

Tone Tagging
/j - joking
/hj - half-joking
/t - teasing
/lh - light-hearted
/ij - inside joke
/s - sarcasm
/srs - serious
/g - genuine
/c - copypasta
/ly - lyrics
/bq - book quote
/rt - rhetorical question
/p - platonic
/r - romantic
/neg - negative
/pos - positive

tone tagging is extremely important over text, especially for neurodivergent people and those who have difficulty understanding/conveying their tone through text. using them can prevent people from getting anxious over a misunderstanding or missing social cues.
do NOT misuse tone tags under any circumstance, they exist to be used properly, and the misuse of them could potentially be harmful to someone's mental health.
let's all work together to make our space as safe as possible for everyone here!

Book Series

aftg (tfc, trk, tkm) - all for the game by nora sakavic
book 1: the foxhole court
book 2: the raven king
book 3: the king's men

trc (trb, tdt, bllb, trk) - the raven cycle by maggie stiefvater
book 1: the raven boys
book 2: the dream thieves
book 3: blue lily, lily blue
book 4: the raven king
cdth - the dreamer trilogy
book 1: call down the hawk
book 2: TBA
book 3: TBA

soc, ck - grishaverse by leigh bardugo (lb)
book 1: six of crows
book 2: crooked kingdom
s&b - the grisha trilogy
book 1: shadow and bone
book 2: siege and storm
book 3: ruin and rising
kos, kos2 - the nikolai duology
book 1: king of scars
book 2: rule of wolves (2021)

co/ws (co, ws, awtwb) - trilogy by rainbow rowell (rr)
book 1: carry on
book 2: wayward son
book 3: anyway the wind blows (release ???)

aaddtsotu/aridante - duology by benjamin alire sáenz
book 1: aristotle and dante discover the secrets of the universe
book 2: TBA

tggtvav/tlgtpap - the montague siblings series by mackenzi lee
book 1: the gentleman's guide to vice and virtue
book 2: the lady's guide to petticoats and piracy
book 3: the nobleman's guide to scandal and shipwrecks (december 2020?)
novella: the gentleman's guide to getting lucky

tsc - the shadowhunters chronicles by cassandra clare (cc)
tid - the infernal devices
book 1: clockwork angel
book 2: clockwork prince
book 3: clockwork princess
tlh - the last hours
book 1: chain of gold
book 2: chain of iron (2021)
book 3: chain of thorns (2022)
tmi - the mortal instruments
book1: city of bones
book 2: city of ashes
book 3: city of glass
book 4: city of fallen angels
book 5: city of lost souls
book 6: city of heavenly fire
tda - the dark artifices
book 1: lady midnight
book 2: lord of shadows
book 3: queen of air and darkness
tec (trsom, lbotw, bvotd - the eldest curses
book 1: the red scrolls of magic
book 2: the lost book of white
book 3: the black volume of the dead (release ???)
twp - the wicked powers
book 1: TBA
book 2: TBA
book 3: TBA

pjo - percy jackson and the olympians by rick riordan (rr)
book 1: the lightning thief
book 2: the sea of monsters
book 3: the titan's curse
book 4: the battle of the labyrinth
book 5: the last olympian
hoo - the heroes of olympus
book 1: the lost hero
book 2: the son of neptune
book 3: the mark of athena
book 4: the house of hades
book 5: the blood of olympus
tkc - the kane chronicles
book 1: the red pyramid
book 2: the throne of fire
book 3: the serpent's shadow
magnus chase - magnus chase and the gods of asgard
book 1: the sword of summer
book 2: the hammer of thor
book 3: the ship of the dead
short stories: 9 from the nine worlds
toa - the trials of apollo
book 1: the hidden oracle
book 2: the dark prophecy
book 3: the burning maze
book 4: the tyrant's tomb
book 5: the tower of nero (9/29/20)

tpw (tpw, tdr, tbg) - series by r. f. kuang
book 1: the poppy war
book 2: the dragon republic
book 3: the burning god (11/17/20)

tfota (tcp, twk, tqon, tls) - the folk of the air trilogy by holly black
book 1: the cruel prince
book 2: the wicked king
book 3: the queen of nothing
companion novella: the lost sister

adsom - trilogy by victoria schwab
book 1: a darker shade of magic
book 2: a gathering of shadows
book 3: a conjuring of light

acotar (acotar, acomaf, acowar, acofas, acosf) - series by sarah j. maas (sjm)
book 1: a court of thorns and roses
book 2: a court of mist and fury
book 3: a court of wings and ruin
book 4: a court of frost and starlight
book 5: a court of silver flames (2021)
tog (tog, com, hof, qos, eos, tod, koa) - series
book 1: throne of glass
book 2: crown of midnight
book 3: heir of fire
book 4: queen of shadows
book 5: empire of storms
book 6: tower of dawn
book 7: kingdom of ash

tch - the charlotte holmes novel series by brittany cavallaro
book 1: a study in charlotte
book 2: the last of august
book 3: the case for jamie
book 4: a question of holmes

tgw - series by roshani chokshi
book 1: the gilded wolves
book 2: the silvered serpents
book 3: TBA (2021)

thgttg - series by douglas adams
book 1: the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy
book 2: the restaurant at the end of the universe
book 3: life, the universe and everything
book 4: so long, and thanks for all the fish
book 5: mostly harmless
book 6: and another thing... (by eoin colfer)
artemis fowl - series by eoin colfer
book 1: artemis fowl
book 2: artemis fowl and the arctic incident
book 3: artemis fowl and the eternity code
book 4: artemis fowl and the opal deception
book 5: artemis fowl and the lost colony
book 6: artemis fowl and the time paradox
book 7: artemis fowl and the atlantis complex
book 8: artemis fowl and the last guardian

tlc - the lunar chronicles by marissa meyer
book 1: cinder
book 2: scarlet
book 3: cress
book 4: fairest
short stories: stars above

aeita (aeita, atatn, ratg, asbts) - series by sabaa tahir
book 1: an ember in the ashes
book 2: a torch against the night
book 3: reaper at the gates
book 4: a sky beyond the storm

caraval - trilogy by stephanie garber
book 1: caraval
book 2: legendary
book 3: finale

sjtr - series by kerri maniscalco
book 1: stalking jack the ripper
book 2: hunting prince dracula
book 3: escaping from houdini
book 4: capturing the devil

cobab - legacy of orÏsha series by tomi adeyemi
book 1: children of blood and bone
book 2: children of virtue and vengeance
book 3: TBA

delirium - trilogy by lauren oliver
book 1: delirium
book 2: pandemonium
book 3: requiem

tsotinf - the secrets of the immortal nicholas flamel by michael scott
book 1: the alchemyst
book 2: the magician
book 3: the sorceress
book 4: the necromancer
book 5: the warlock
book 6: the enchantress

tif - the illuminae files by amie kaufman and jay kristoff
book 1: illuminae
book 2: gemina
book 3: obsidio

truly devious - series by maureen johnson
book 1: truly devious
book 2: the vanishing stair
book 3: the hand on the wall
book 4: the box in the woods

std, mon - duology by laini taylor
book 1: strange the dreamer
book 2: muse of nightmares
dosab - trilogy
book 1: daughter of smoke & bone
book 2: days of blood & starlight
book 3: dreams of gods & monsters

divergent - trilogy by veronica roth
book 1: divergent
book 2: insurgent
book 3: allegiant
collection: four
short story/epilogue: we can be mended

the 5th wave - trilogy by rick yancey
book 1: the 5th wave
book 2: the infinite sea
book 3: the last star

the darkest minds - series by alexendea bracken
book 1: the darkest minds
novella: in time
book 2: never fade
novella: sparks rise
book 3: in the afterlight
novella: beyond the night

rq - the red queen series by victoria aveyard
book 1: red queen
book 2: glass sword
book 3: king's cage
book 4: war storm
short stories: cruel crown
short stories: broken throne

svthsa/simonverse - series by becky albertalli
book 1: simon vs. the homo sapiens agenda
book 2: the upside of unrequited
book 3: leah on the off-beat
novella: love, creekwood

tmr (tmr, tst, tdc, tko) - series by james dashner
book 1: the maze runner
book 2: the scorch trials
book 3: the death cure
book 4: the kill order
companion novel: the maze runner files
prequel: the fever code

the selection - series by kiera cass
book 1: the selection
book 2: the elite
book 3: the one
book 4: the heir
book 5: the crown

the twilight saga - series by stephanie meyer (sm)
book 1: twilight
book 2: new moon
book 3: eclipse
book 4: breaking dawn
novella: the short second life of bree tanner
spin-off: midnight sun

tatbilb - trilogy by jenny han
book 1: to all the boys i've loved before
book 2: p.s. i still love you
book 3: always and forever, lara jean

shatter me - series by tahereh mafi
book 1: shatter me
book 2: destroy me
book 3: unravel me
book 4: fracture me
book 5: ignite me
book 6: restore me
book 7: shadow me
book 8: defy me
book 9: reveal me
book 10: imagine me

tcon - the chronicles of narnia by c.s. lewis
book 1: the lion, the wtich, and the wardrobe
book 2: prince caspian: the return to narnia
book 3: the voyage of the dawn treader
book 4: the silver chair
book 5: the horse and his boy
book 6: the magician's nephew
book 7: the last battle

awit - series by madeleine l'engle
book 1: a wrinkle in time
book 2: a wind in the door
book 3: a swiftly tilting planet
book 4: many waters
book 5: an acceptable time

mphfpc - miss peregrine's home for peculiar children by ransom riggs
book 1: miss peregrine's home for peculiar children
book 2: hollow city
book 3: tales of the peculiar
book 4: a map of days
book 5: the conference of the birds

asoue - a series of unfortunate events by lemony snicket (daniel handler)
book 1: the bad beginning
book 2: the reptile room
book 3: the wide window
book 4: the austere academy
book 5: the ersatz elevator
book 6: the vile village
book 7: the hostile hospital
book 8: the carnivorous carnival
book 9: the slippery slope
book 10: the grim grotto
book 11: the penultimate peril
book 12: the end

lotr - lord of the rings by j.r.r. tolkein
book 1: the hobbit
book 2: the fellowship of the ring
book 3: the two towers
book 4: the return of the king

thg - the hunger games by suzanne collins
book 1: the hunger games
book 2: catching fire
book 3: mockingjay
prequel: the ballad of songbirds and snakes

got - game of thrones by george r.r. martin
book 1: a game of thrones
book 2: a clash of kings
book 3: a storm of swords
book 4: a feast for crows
book 5: a dance with dragons
book 6: the winds of winter (release ???)
book 7: a dream of spring (release ???)

hp - harry potter by j.k. rowling (jkr)
book 1: harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
book 2: harry potter and the chamber of secrets
book 3: harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban
book 4: harry potter and the goblet of fire
book 5: harry potter and the order of the phoenix
book 6: harry potter and the half-blood prince
book 7: harry potter and the deathly hallows

50sog - trilogy by el james
book 1: 50 shades of grey
book 2: 50 shades darker
book 3: 50 shades freed

tvd - the vampire diaries by l. j. smith
book 1: the awakening
book 2: the struggle
book 3: the fury
book 4: dark reunion
the return - trilogy
book 1: nightfall
book 2: shadow souls
book 3: midnight
the hunters - trilogy (written by a ghostwriter)
book 1: phantom
book 2: moonsong
book 3: destiny rising
the salvation - trilogy (written by aubrey clark)
book 1: unseen
book 2: unspoken
book 3: unmasked

Standalone Books

casey mquiston
rwrb - red, white & royal blue
ols - one last stop (2021)

iwwv - if we were villains by m.l. rio

tsoa - the song of achilles by madeline miller

tsh - the secret history by donna tartt

hrh - her royal highness by rachel hawkins

tcp - the captive prince by c.s. pactar

cmbyn - call me by your name by andré aciman

tfios - the fault in our stars by john green

tshoeh/evelyn hugo - the seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid

adam silvera
tbdate - they both die at the end
hialym - history is all you left me

bmc - be more chill by ned vizzini

deh - dear evan hansen by val emmich

iwyatb - i wish you all the best by mason deaver

tihylttw - this is how you lose the time war by amal el-mohtar and max gladstone

e&p - eleanor & park by rainbow rowell (rr)

thug - the hate u give by angie thomas

13rw - thirteen reasons why by jay asher

aart - an absolutely remarkable thing by hank green

lotf - lord of the flies by william golding

igyts - i'll give you the sun by jandy nelson

atbp - all the bright places by jennifer niven

iwbft - i was born for this by alice oseman

tpobaw - the perks of being a wallflower by stephen chbosky

tcitr - the catcher in the rye by j. d. salinger

hmc - howl's moving castle by diana wynne jones

oouil - one of us is lying by karen m. mcmanus

aatfk - anna and the french kiss by stephanie perkins

gsp - girl, serpent, thorn by melissa bashardoust

p&p - pride and prejudice by jane austen

tnc - the night circus by erin morgenstern

tpotot - the priory of the orange tree by samantha shannon

tmtw&ts - the mermaid, the witch, and the sea by maggie tokuda-hall

tasu - the abyss surrounds us by emily skrutskie

tkam - to kill a mockingbird by harper lee

fea - felix ever after by kacen callendar

yssmiac - you should see me in a crown by leah johnson

gopap - girls of paper and fire by natasha ngan

dotbc - daughter of the burning city by amanda foody

thw - the henna wars by adiba jaigirdar

lwto - lies we tell ourselves by robin talley

cid - cinderella is dead by kalynn bayron

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